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MSW Fall 2021 - when to apply?


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Hi all,

I've been researching MSW programs since early June and have narrowed my list down to 3 schools, University of Maryland being my top choice. I noticed their application for Fall 2021 opens September 1st. I don't think I'll have a complete application ready by then but I'm thinking late October, early Nov. would be my target deadline to apply. How early is too early and for those who have done it before - when did you apply in relation to when the app opened, when did you ask for your letters of rec, what did your overall timeline look like?

I appreciate it, thanks!

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Hi! I created a forum where I hope people will share their MSW app tips, decisons, etc.. -search this: "MSW Applications Fall 2021"

I think based on other forums I have read, the earlier the better. Many schools are rolling admission and fill up spots as apps come in. Also, if you submit earlier, you will have more time to catch errors and get make sure your documents are all properly in :) 

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On 8/11/2020 at 5:35 PM, julesevar said:

You might want to ask the school if they do rolling admissions or if they just wait until the deadline and look at all the candidates at once. Good luck! 

I second the idea to ask how their admission work. I know some are also now doing waves of admission, with spots held for each wave. I am personally not a great resource on when, I applied a couple days before the deadline, if they like you I believe you just jump in before the people on the waitlist are informed. I would say the bigger thing from my experience is to have everything that is out of your control taken care of. References early, transcripts being digital now are easier, but still worth taking care of with extra time and then get your writing completely dialed in. Social work especially picks people on how they are more so than any other part of the application. (IMO)

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