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Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation - Data Science/Analytics/Business Analytics

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Hi All,

Just wanted help in evaluating my profile for Data Science/Analytics/Business Analytics Programs


  • TOEFL: 115
  • GRE: 165(Q) (Worried about this one), 162(V)

Work Ex:

  • Analytics - 18 Months - One Research paper implemented + Preparation of analytical dashboards from large datasets to track KPIs
  •  Internship(Data Mining) - 2 Months - Sentiment Analysis + Topic Modeling

Education: Graduated from a Tier-1 University(India) with 8.46/10 GPA (B.Tech - Engg. Physics)

Current Pool:

  • NYU (Data Science),
  • Columbia University (Data Science),
  • UCLA (MSBA), Georgia Tech (MSBA),
  • University of Michigan (Data Science),
  • MIT (MS Analytics),
  • Imperial College London (MSc Statistics (Data Science)/Msc Business Analytics)
  • University of Pennsylvania (MSE in Data Science)
  • University of Texas Austin (MSBA)
  • University of Warwick (Msc Data Science/Msc Data Analytics)
  • Northwestern University (MS Analytics)
  • University of Chicago (MS Analytics)
  • Harvard University (MS Data Science)
  • University College London (Data Science/Analytics)
  • Northwestern University (MS Analytics)

The above pool is quite large. I want to understand how I should evaluate my chances of getting an admit with my profile/target the right universities.

Any help will be appreciated.


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