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I was assigned a TAship with a clash with one of the main courses I wanted to take next semester. Before this, I wasn't consulted or asked if the time suited me especially since it's early morning before 8 am class. Others have gotten better sections that start at more reasonable times and they also get to have courses where they only have to grade and not teach sections. 

I sent an email to the curriculum committee to ask for a section change for my TA and cc-ed my advisor with a sentence that ended like this: 

"In the future, I will appreciate if I am asked before assignment. This is a difficult time for most of us and flexibility will be appreciated."

Is this too demanding from the perspective of a 3rd year international grad student living through a pandemic or acceptable? Thoughts? I really couldn't do the TA-ship 

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That sentence does sound very pissed and pretty harsh, at least to me.

Anything starts with "In the future, please...." seems very pissed, in my eyes.


Now for the TA assignment situation, they should consult your availability first. But they didn't, and if you can prove you are incapable (instead of unwilling) to do it, it's on them.

Maybe you have class schedule conflict or official research-appointment time conflict. These reason can be strong argument. Try to emphasis on these reasons. If you don't have this kind of reason, try to arrange an cahoot with your advisor, saying you need to be assigned for research tasks during that time.

However, "I cannot wake up that early" is not an acceptable reason in profession settings, especially if you are paid, and if the working time is within your school's business time. Also, don't say " Others have gotten better sections" or anything like this in your augment.

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