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Geography 2021 Application Thread


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Hi, applied to human geography PhD programs outside the US and got into National University of Singapore and Freie Universitat Berlin.. both supervisors seem very supportive - so any inputs appreciated. have you any idea about the work culture in these universities? 

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Hey guys,

I'm just wondering how other graduates are deciding between offers and what are the factors influencing your decision.  Beyond the obvious things such as funding, research direction, supervisors, etc, I just wanted to ask what other factors are helping you to decide which university to choose.


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Congratulations to all who have heard of their acceptance! This is not my first round of applying, so I understand the heartache of not getting in... to all who haven’t heard anything, wishing you the best if you decide to apply later!

Now comes the difficulty of choosing which place Is the best fit. Specifically, TAMU offered me a larger financial assistantship, with my advisor being a tremendous fit, but the thought of living in college station is kind of hard, to be honest haha. The other school I was also accepted to is Michigan State. They seemed really excited by the prospect of me coming, and I enjoyed my talks with faculty,  but it’s less guaranteed funding. I think I would prefer to live in Michigan over Texas, but how heavily are you weighing location in your decision making?

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On 4/13/2021 at 2:02 PM, latingrad said:

Hi all! Would you mind helping me analyzing which program, between UIUC and Penn State, is better in urban geography?

Congratulations on your offers. UIUC seems more specialized in human/urban geo program with notable faculties.

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