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Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet (tracks A/W/R, useful for deadlines/requirements) + FB Group Link


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Since we have a number of new folks on the forum and there have been a number of questions about what the spreadsheet is and what the FB group is, seems best to make a brief post with links to connect folks with the resources!

Here's the spreadsheetPhilosophy Admissions 2020 Spreadsheet 

If folks want to share the spreadsheet, feel free to do so using bit.ly/PhilAdm (this is so I can see how many folks access it but I just see the # of clicks).

For the last three years I've used the spreadsheet to track A/W/R after folks applied. As things are released, and as we receive credible information about what all has been sent out, I'll update the spreadsheet with that information. The first two tabs are dedicated to tracking releases and predictions of when things will come out. The middle two tabs are the application requirements for PhD and MA schools with deadlines and other information. 

Aside: Part 2 is a survey of how many schools folks applied to/barriers they encountered so feel free to fill that out if you have time/bandwidth. More info on that can be found here.


The Facebook group is Philosophy Graduate Applicants. Folks can join by clicking the link (but be sure to take heed of the questions folks are asked to answer when they click join or you may not get added). The FB groups is a rad space to find other folks who are applying and ask questions. As with the forum just don't be a jerk/be charitable as we're all in this together!



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