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Philosophy Applicants Survey--number of schools applied to, encountered barriers


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Over the past few years I've noticed a number of trends when it comes to departmental websites being less than accessible or clear about what materials they need from applicants and how certain processes work (such as letters of recommendation-i.e., do they go out before or after you submit the application). As an extension of the Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet (bit.ly/PhilAdm), I am gathering information both on the barriers folks have encountered while applying in recent years and trying to finally get a solid set of numbers concerning how many schools folks are applying to. That's where you and other recent applicants come in! 

Link to the Google Form survey

In order to make asks and create change we are going to need tangible numbers that the APA and departments can take seriously. For better or worse, a survey of this sort might be one of the faster ways to gather this information or, minimally, set the stage for a more formal investigation through the Graduate Student APA council to workshop changes to the system and remove/reduce the barriers for future applicants.


-Linds Whittaker (University of Washington)

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The survey has now been workshopped into a more formal report though there are a number of limitations due to sampling size problems. That said, here's what we have. More on Part 2 soon!



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Just spotlighting as well, for anyone who didn't see, that findings from the report have now been featured in a Daily Nous article, which has public comments enabled. Major kudos, Linds, for organizing and promoting these findings: https://dailynous.com/2021/03/22/philosophy-grad-program-applicants-thoughts-about-the-application-process/

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