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MPP Admissions 2021 Fall


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Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP, MPA, MSES
Schools Applied To:  GW, IU Bloomington, Duke, UMich, Georgetown
Schools Admitted To:  n/a
Schools Rejected From:  n/a
Still Waiting:  all
Undergraduate Institution:  Liberal Arts College
Undergraduate GPA:   3.73
Undergraduate Major:  Biology and Environmental Studies Double
GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores:  
Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable):  2
Years of Work Experience:  2.5
Describe Relevant Work Experience:  1 yr AmeriCorp, 1 yr Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc):  really not sure.
Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc):  2.5 years of undergrad research and a thesis that will be published. 


This is the thread style I've seen on other posts. Feel free to copy/edit. 

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found a better version of the info section
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