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Fall 2022 Evaluation for Stats / biostats phd?

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Student Type: Domestic Asian male with severe hearing loss

Applying for: BiostatsStats PhD Fall 2022 

Undergrad: UT Austin

Major: Mathematics with certificates in computer science and statistics

GPA: 3.90 overall and 3.9580 in major

Math: Calc I and II (AP credit), Calc 3(A), discrete math (A), probability (A), ODE (A-), intro to number theory (A), proof linear algebra (A), Real Analysis I (A), intro to stochastic process (A), intro to math stats (A), Math learning assistant experience (A), numerical analysis (A), Complex analysis ( currently taking- High B or low A), PDE (A)

CS: intro to programming (A), data structures and algos for non cs majors (A-), elements of data base(A), elements of data analytics(data mining) (A), graphics and visuals (A)

Research - Statistics REU at Texas state, and incoming reu at Emory.

Work Experience: grader and learning assitant each for one semester, but not anymore

GRE: 163 Q, 156 V, 4.5 AW ( WILL RETAKE)

Letter of Recommendation: I will probably ask the professors at the two reu, and one of the math professors I took class under. I think they will be medicore or fine.

Questions: Any advice for improvements? I am only decided on applying to UT, TAMU, and Rice. I am unsure on what other schools to apply to. Is the next semester course load of applied regression, applied statistics, and elements of software engineering okay? Any other courses should I take? I am really interested in machine learning and data science related fields, but I am unsure on what to study in graduate school.

Thank you!

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You already have the important math classes, and 2 REUs with good letters will look good too - I don't think it really matters much what classes you take from here on out, as you already have the most important ones; obviously if you took some grad stats/probability classes that would look good, but not necessary.  The biggest thing you could do to improve your profile is getting that GRE Q up a few points.

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Agreed with @trynagetby, I would put UT-Austin as a reach, while TAMU and Rice will be more achievable but not safe.  It sounds like you are more interested in applied stuff and ML, so I'm guessing you want to go into industry afterwards?  Are you only looking to stay in Texas, or what are your limitations geographically? 


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You have a good math background and a strong overall profile. The schools you listed are reasonable and I think you have a good chance of getting into some of them. However, admissions to PhD are very competitive. That said, I would apply broadly and also add some safe options. I think 10-20 schools are a good target to go. You could apply to some of the top 20 schools, some midrange schools like UIUC/Davis and some safety schools in the top 50s.

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