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Hello, all! I am looking for a bit of advice.

I am an international student looking to apply to Canadian M.Ed Educational Psychology programs with thesis components. I have already identified a few PIs with great research fit, and am preparing my applications for submission now.

I have a Psychology B.A., average (3.6-3.7) GPA, but no research experience. Following graduation, I worked in the education sector for 3 years and had 1 year of volunteering (counselling/crisis line). Writing research proposals is a bit daunting, and I'm concerned about my lack of research experience. Considering that all of these programs are thesis based, is it even worth applying with my background? I understand that research based psychology programs are incredibly competitive, and I've heard from faculty this year that they have even more applicants than they did last cycle.

Does anyone have any general advice on how to write very concise, but specific, research statements (100-200 words) for M.Ed programs? I would really appreciate any kind of input and/or feedback. Thank you for your time :)

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