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  1. Thanks for making this thread I'm just starting to research programs, are any of you looking into MEd programs with a Counselling specialization at all?
  2. For anyone that applied to Guelph's Clinical program -- has anyone else had any issues with recommendations being lost or not processed? One of my professors said she got a double request for the recommendation, and she submitted the letter + supplement form for one of the requests. Then, she got a confirmation that they received it.. but the portal says it is not received and she is still receiving reminder emails to complete the recs. Due date was the 1st, and I inquired about it a week ago but I think they must be super busy because I haven't gotten a response yet. Not sure what more
  3. Yes, I just copied and pasted I believe my paragraph was around 2xx out of the max 400 words
  4. Just wanted to pop back in here and say good luck to everyone please take care of your physical and mental health during this very taxing process!
  5. This might be a silly question-- did you guys report the GRE scores to Clinical Psychology (2001) or Psychology (2016)?! UManitoba doesn't seem to specify.. I've been looking all over their site!
  6. Hi again guys How have you all managed to whittle down your SOIs..? Mine is insanely long and unfocused, and I am having a lot of difficulty trying to get it down to the bare bones and just say what needs to be said. Also, if I am applying for a clinical program at University A but also submit an application for, say, experimental psychology at the same school, would that be frowned upon/not taken in a good way? There are a couple of schools with faculty that make me want to apply for the clinical and nonclinical programs.. just wanted to know what you guys thought TIA
  7. Hi, everyone!! I'm so glad I found this thread. Please don't go easy on me and tell me everything I should/should not highlight in my apps! What are my weaknesses? How competitive am I? Thank you so much in advance!! Undergraduate institution: U.S. university, top 100, but attended a campus overseas in Europe for the entirety of my undergrad yearsUndergraduate GPA: 3.65 /3.79 psychology GPAUndergraduate Major: Psychology, Spanish (both Honors degrees)GRE Quantitative Score: 167GRE Verbal Score: 167 Schools applying to: Canadian universities: UBC, SFU, UWestern, etc. for Psychol
  8. Thank you so much!! I heard from people in Korea that Canadian schools were very competitive in terms of the GRE (avg. 165 V!!) so I was freaking out about that a bit because I thought I was on the lower side.. T_T
  9. Hi everyone.. this is my first post. I just signed up today and I'm so happy to have found this thread I am an international student (not American) looking to apply (finally) to graduate clinical psych / psych programs for the Fall 2021 intake. I graduated from an American university 3 years ago in Honors Psychology + Spanish Literature.. I took time off (the three years) to return to my home country and to work and save up money to go back to school. I took the GRE once last December and got V 163 / Q 166 / AWA 5.0 and I am currently studying for the GRE to improve my scores
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