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2022 Chemistry Admissions Cycle Thread


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9 hours ago, hartree said:

Has anyone here applied to theory and computation/pchem track for the following programs? If so, were all the decisions for that track released at once?

MIT, UofMichigan (Ann Arbor), Caltech, Cornell, and UChicago

Might want to check UChicago portal. I got a rejection with no email, and seems like most were released all at once

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23 hours ago, crazydiamond5 said:

Has anyone else heard back from UCSF? someone posted that they got contacted by POI today...

i also got a call from my poi today, though it might just be because we've been in contact for a while. official letters should be going out to everyone accepted soon

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On 2/11/2022 at 1:19 PM, orgo said:

Has anyone heard back from yale or upenn for organic?

Yes I got in and most likely you are denied sorry. Upenn already had invites and it was last weekend. Peace out

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19 hours ago, phdbound2022 said:

i was impressed by U Chicago. They have gone to great lengths to impress the candidates during the visit

Ha yep but the cost of living in Chi Town be kinda high and the environment nawwww

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15 hours ago, littleberber said:

Anybody who applied to MIT know if Timothy Jamison is taking students this year? His name is not on the sign in list for the visiting event ☹️

Nope he isn't sadly 

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If I still haven't heard back from schools at this point (UIUC, UF, GTech) should I just assume it is a rejection? I want to accept an offer so I can begin looking for housing but I'm still "awaiting decision" to my top choice. 

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