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MSW 2022 decisions


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I am also applying for Fall 2022. I live in San Jose, California. The schools I applied to are: Simmons University, San Jose State University and California State University of Monterey Bay. 

So far I have been accepted into Simmons University, however I am waiting for the decisions from both SJSU and CSUMB MSW programs! I have a 3.5 GPA and work experience in the field of social work. Really hoping to get into either SJSU or CSUMB MSW programs!

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Hey!! I applied to three schools and these are their respective statuses:

  • Columbia- I applied Dec 1st and got in Dec 28th (just a few days after my interview)
  • Upenn- Applied Dec 1st, had an interview Feb 9th and am anxiously awaiting a decision :(
  • U Chicago!- Applied Dec 1st, and am anxiously refreshing things and checking my emails, since decisions are supposed to be given by Feb 15th
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On 1/28/2022 at 1:57 PM, workerbee said:

Congrats on Columbia, I also got accepted to their program! I'm curious, did they send you financial aid information? I haven't gotten mine yet but I got accepted in early Jan. and I know it's going to be really expensive.

Hey congrats to you too! I did get my financial aid award about two weeks after my decision. It wasn't great but it was something - I got 16,000 a year in scholarship.

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On 1/13/2022 at 12:23 PM, violetmango167 said:

Hello! I am so curious if people know when I should expect to hear back from these MSW programs for Fall 2022:


University of Washington 


UC Berkeley 

Heard back from Columbia (got in!) but am anxiously awaiting these other schools so I can make an informed decision. 

Did you do a scholarship interview for WUSTL? If so, what questions were asked?

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