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Clinical Psychology Neuropsychology PhD Program Rankings


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Schools that are APA accredited (in the United States) are required to report their admissions and outcome statistics on their websites. You primarily want to look at their APA-accredited internship placements, which should really be around 100% for the last few years. You also want to make sure there are faculty doing the kind of research you are interested in (i.e. some aspect of neuropsych) and practicum placement opportunities that are neuropsych focused. Doctoral programs in psychology don't really have rankings similar to undergrad universities. It's more related to your fit with potential research mentors. You can also check out the Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology by Norcross. 

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Agreed. There are no "rankings" per se for programs. Match with your goals and desires for training is what matters. You will want to pay attention to what @PsyDuck90 mentioned but also look at success of recent students in publishing, where they go for practica, where they land internship and post-doc, and where they land jobs. All of that will be far more informative. 


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