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Brandeis Soc PhD - is this too much contact with admissions committee? (waitlisted)


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Hi everyone, I hope I'm not repeating a previously asked question but it's very likely - this forum is jam packed and I always end up drowning in search results!

I applied to the Soc PhD program at Brandeis and got notice I've been waitlisted (last Friday 3/4), and responded to the email from the head of the grad admissions committee in the department this Monday 3/7. I asked how many students they're admitting this year, if the waitlist is ranked, where I stand if so etc etc, and got some info back quickly which was nice. Today, I found out a paper I co-wrote with a professor in the department (who also wrote one of my rec letters) just got accepted (yay!), and I updated my resume to show this movement since I originally had it included under my manuscripts section as an R&R at the time I applied.

So my question is, would it be too pushy/inappropriate to email the soc admissions committee again today saying hey just wanted to pass along an updated resume, which as of today has a newly accepted sociology research piece? I don't want to be too in their face, but this seems like a significant achievement that would be helpful as they continue to make decisions about who to accept from the waitlist, assuming spots open up.


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I would recommend calling. I think I was in this position a few years back when I was first applying. They like to hear about accomplishments, especially external funding awards like NSF and Ford. I think a manuscript is also good. Two years ago I waitlisted at my current institution, and a week later i received one of the external awards and I emailed them. They created a package for me immediately and added additional funding.

A publication is different from an external award; however, it can help you. I recommend calling, and asking the graduate program assistant or coordinator if it's appropriate. If they say yes, then send the information along. I think it comes across as less pushy. 

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I'm not at Brandeis, so I can't speak specific to them, but I do know that, in several departments, students are already ranked before they even send admissions information. This is because the key limiting factor for many of them is funding: they only have so many TA and RA positions and so much grant money to give out. If you get an external  award (NSF,  Ford, etc), it's definitely something that will likely move you up since that decreases the department's cost to add you.

Unfortunately, publications don't do much to help cover your costs. I will echo what @CeXranoted above and say that you should go ahead and email the grad program coordinator to ask if it would be appropriate to notify the grad director about. 

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