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I assume everyone applying next fall is going through that tedious search for the right schools. Just thought I would share some advice given to me:

Apply for your dream schools and if you don't get in, remember that you can always try again for post doc. And if you still can't get it for post doc, try again and again, maybe you will one day go there as a visiting professor.

I felt it was quite a good way to look at things, so I shall try to think that way for the next few months. I've just noticed it assumes we're all going down the academic track. oh well, you know what I mean.

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I agree about applying to your dream school, but not necessarily with the idea of doing your postdoc there, more with the idea that maybe you will get in the first time. I went through the application process last year and applied to a school I didn't think I had a chance at. I'm currently in my second week of classes at that school. Maybe I underestimated myself, maybe I got lucky. All I know is that I almost didn't apply here, and it has already been an absolutely amazing experience. So, I have two pieces of advice that may or may not apply to you: if it's not unheard of in your particular field, contact professors whose work interests you, and go and visit them if you can - even if you have to pay for it yourself. I know some people may shudder at this advice, but I'm pretty sure it's what got me where I am!

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