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  1. So I emailed to ask about my application status and found out that I actually accidentally applied for MS instead of PhD. I went through all the correspondence from that particular uni and realised they did state MS rather than PhD. Clearly I was too blind to notice. How should I respond now? Try to plead with them to consider my application as PhD? Apparently I was also told that it is likely I can get accepted into the Masters, but there is no funding for Masters.
  2. found out that I accidentally applied for the MS program instead of PhD when I emailed to ask about my status. Somehow that's worse than a rejection.

  3. Just spent the last two hours looking up group tours! This shall be my consolation prize if I don't get in anywhere.

    1. Langoustine


      That's a fun idea :) Lord knows we all need a vacay right abt now..

  4. What's the cute present? I'm not sure what to get to thank my LOR writers.
  5. Yeah definitely! I remember hesitating for 6 months before deciding to take the plunge because of the fear of rejection.
  6. I didn't really do anything except emailed my BFF at work with a ' =( ' , but I've got great plans to go on a trip to somewhere nearby. Holiday Whoohoo! I also really like all the beer/wine ideas..
  7. Emailed the grad director and was told it was unlikely I would get accepted

    1. newms
    2. Langoustine


      Aww man that is rough! Sorry...do you have more things to wait for?

    3. kaz


      I do, but I really don't think I can get in... hmm :/

  8. Just about given up.. it's 1st Mar and no news.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. newms


      Hang in there! I hope you get some good news soon.

    3. beanbagchairs


      March is just starting! Good luck to both of us!

    4. kaz


      Thanks guys =)

  9. Does this apply to all mathematics or just applied maths?
  10. Agreed. Everyone who applies to top schools are qualified and has top everything. I've heard nothing from most schools too. Then again, I already have a 'Plan B' secured, so not getting in is just going to be an ego thing. And if it comes to that, I know what I DON't want to hear is all the stuff that's meant to be consolatory.
  11. is beginning to think not hearing any news is bad news... oh well...

    1. C'estLaVie


      that's totally what it feels like :/

  12. I search for my field and check those results only, then usually its clear who's talking to who. Although I have to admit I accidentally submitted results with errors twice (pretty obvious errors) and then I gave up and decided there's something wrong with my eyes.
  13. I don't think there's anything wrong with asking, although if I didn't get it the first time, its unlikely I'll get it the second time...
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