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  1. Drinking coffee to wash that early morning rejection down.

    1. phonology_rocks


      Sorry about the rejection, hope you hear better news soon!

    2. C'estLaVie


      thanks, I appreciate it!

  2. How come my spam box isn't full of hidden treasures?
  3. does anyone know about their funding situation? That sounds like quite a few people...
  4. still nothing. no news at all.

    1. uromastyx
    2. Eager


      Keep your head up. We have your back and we are rooting for you!

    3. C'estLaVie


      Thanks guys. The wait is getting pretty tiresome.

  5. American Horror Story shows up right under Anthropology in the autofill when I search the results. Sounds right.

  6. I've resigned myself to the likely fact that by midnight tonight another week will have passed without a peep.

  7. I know someone who was admitted to NYU today as well. Not sure exactly what sub field but its on the cultural/linguistics side of things
  8. Thanks! Monorail Mikey wishes everyone the best! People seem to think being on this website exacerbates the anxiety but I just think they don't fully understand the concept of solidarity.
  9. I made a funny picture to post here and can't figure out how to do it. It's not a url :(

    1. uromastyx


      that's too bad. I've been thinking that they should add an area for memes!

    2. dat_nerd


      did you try imgur?

    3. C'estLaVie


      imgur and tinypic are duds.

  10. Yay Tippy! keepin' hopes alive! Still NO word for me. *&%^$%
  11. ok lol sorry I'm just super anxious to hear back from UCSD, I was interviewed and I know they only take a select amount per concentration. Did your status change on the website by any chance?
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