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  1. I have it at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Email me at dbaldwin@unl.edu and I will send you the PDF. Effect of Media Advertising and Other Sources on Movie Selection. Authors: Faber, Ronald J. O'Guinn, Thomas C. Source: Journalism Quarterly. Summer84, Vol. 61 Issue 2, p371-377. 7p. Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *MASS media research *ADVERTISING *INFORMATION resources *MOTION pictures MOTION picture audiences Geographic Terms: UNITED States NAICS/Industry Codes: 541850 Outdoor Advertising 541890 Other Services Related to Advertising 512110 Motion Picture and Video Production
  2. My wife and I are child free, and 34 years old, and will remain that way. We have no interest in children, which is a good thing because school loans, traveling and careers do not mesh well with rearing offspring. It is annoying when people bother you about having kids all the time.
  3. My wife and I also do not want kids, so this is not an issue for us. I think every person is different, some people could handle having kids during grad school, and others may not.
  4. I lived in Macomb for 3 years with my wife for undergrad. I thought it was very safe - we lived a couple blocks from campus in the Turnberry Village Apartments, within walking distance. Let me know any specific questions you have. Very small town, 20,000 including dorms. Cost of living is average, our apts were nice, like 735 for a 2 bed 2 bath. Mostly fast food restaurants and ma and pa restaurants. They do have a BWW. Weather is snowy in the winter and pretty hot in the summer - like 80-90's. Fall snd spring are nice 50-70.
  5. Yes they are allowed if they are 150 cc or larger in certain states, this was Illinois. We sold it because we were moving to two different states to go to separate grad schools. Yes, the cheap Chinese ones are not made well. Regarding the classification, yes in Illinois it went by engine size, so hers was technically a motorcycle for licensing purposes.
  6. I bought my wife one of the bulkier cheap chinese brands (but still cheap plastic), a new 150 cc for 1, 000 in the Chicago area in 2009. She went on the highway with me when I rode my motorcycle. It got up to about 60-65 mph - it was a little shaky at 65 (vibration).
  7. I grade them as they come in, they are on blackboard as .doc files, so I grade them with in-text comments. I try to get them back to the students as soon as possible. They take forever to grade, even though they are only 2 page essays, because of the horrible grammar. It is an intro online class with 70 students, and I am the sole instructor.
  8. Absolutely. With facetime and all that these days, I don't really feel too far away. Also, summers, winter break, and spring break I will be in Fargo with her. I like being older in grad school it is interesting when you are the same age or older than your professors.(Sorry for typos on my original post, I hate autocorrect on my phone).
  9. I am 33 and I started my MA this semester. I have been married since 2010 (together since 2006), but we live apart for grad school. My wife Attends NDSU in Fargo, ND for her MA, and I attend UNL in Lincoln, NE. It is hard living apart (she has the cat, and I have the dog), but as non-traditional studenst I feel like we handle the rest of it better because we have life experiance, unlike the kids that come right out of undergrad at 22. We do look young, so it helps when relating to others in the program that are in their mid-20's. Any questions about applying, GRE, etc - just ask.
  10. Everyone is different, and well as has different time considerations (pet, family, child, husband etc), but it is healthy to take time for yourself. You can't run on empty, so to speak. It is not good to study when you are really tired, because it is less likely you will retain the information, than if you were alert.
  11. here is mine: Undergrad Institution: Western Illinois University Major(s): Anthropology w/ physical emphasis Minor(s): Zoology/ Law Enforcement and Justice Administration GPA in Major: 4.0 Overall GPA: 3.99 Length of Degree: Community College = Jan ‘08 – May ‘10 University = Aug ‘10 – Dec ‘12 Position in Class: Top 7 % Type of Student: Domestic/male/white (33 yrs old) GRE Scores: Q: 141 V: 150 W: 4.0 Research Experience: Archeological Field School – Orendorf site in Canton IL Study Abroad London England for Criminal Justice Study trip at UT Knoxville Forensic Anthropology Center
  12. Undergrad Institution: Major(s): Minor(s): GPA in Major: Overall GPA: Position in Class: (No numbers needed, but are you top? near top? average? struggling?) Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?) GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: V: W: B: TOEFL Total: (if applicable, otherwise delete this) Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications or conference talks etc...) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) Any Miscellaneous
  13. Pears, I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love the grumpy cat icon.
  14. Usually you have to withdraw by the withdrawal date (in my school it is March 31st) in order to get a W on your transcript, instead of whatever grade you have/will have otherwise. Late April is pretty late, and I think you will get the grades and not a W. I would just explained being overwhelmed with outside obligations on your SOP when you start applying to grad school in a couple years. I am sure many other people have some of the same type of issues regarding withdrawing.
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