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Should You Consider a Good School if Its Experiencing Financial Issues?



Should you consider a school if it is experiencing major financial issues?

There is one school that has probably one of the best (if not the best) master's level program in its subject in the United States. However, they just recently announced layoffs, a long-term financial realignment plan, and the closure of some smaller (undergraduate programs). I would consider going there 3-4 years for now for an MA.

What are the risks/dangers of considering a school that could go under soon? Should that sort of school even be on the table? Or is there a good way to mitigate the risk? 

In general, schools of these type (seminaries) are financially struggling as a whole. They're "small" (1200 ~ across all graduate programs in the same area) relative to larger universities. Other schools of this type are similar in size, are also private, and often have similar financial issues (but few are as reputable of this one).

Given that the program I'd consider is very small, would that make it more likely candidate for a chopping block (or would that mean they aren't spending a lot of resources on that one particular program). 

There are a few other schools that could have comparable programs but I do mean a few. This one probably has the best program for a school of its profile, at least on paper/based on the listed coursework. This school wouldn't offer funding, so paying tuition and cost is going to happen. 

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