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  1. I like to continue education doing grad school part-time online, while working full time. However the degree I may want to get may not be related to the exact job I would be working. Would employers generally have any problem with you taking an online graduate class that you attend via video chat let's say for 1 hour 2 or 3 days a week in the middle of the work day? Can they prevent you from doing that? Is that really their concerns/do you really need to communicate if you're doing that? Obviously you can be willing to work later to compensate for the time spent not working. This could co
  2. Assuming the dissertation costs aren't in a funded fellowship/scientific research setting, how much should a PhD student expect to spend in writing their dissertation? For example, having to purchase specific articles on their subject that the library doesn't have access to, someone proofing/editing the dissertation, trips to specific institutions, compensating specialists/experts for their time etc. Are dissertations a hidden cost of doing a PhD or are they relatively affordable, not factoring in opportunity cost in years spent writing one?
  3. Out of the evangelical seminaries in the US, which ones are known as the most rigorous or academic? I'm aware that often the conservatives seminaries are not considered rigorous compared to the mainline divinity schools. However, which school(s) would offer an education the nearest to the rigor of a non-evangelical seminary? Is there a spectrum you could provide of rankings? I am particularly interested in Old Testament programs on the Master's level, but general comments of academic rigor on any level (including PhD) would be helpful. I've heard that possibly Trinity Evangelical Div
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