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Is it at all possible to pursue a PhD in History remotely from a good University in North America or Europe ?

 I am moving to Dubai where there is virtually no graduate school for the humanities. And I really really want to continue with my research at the PhD level. 

Any advice on how to conduct a Phd through distance ed / online / remote learning. Pls advise !! 

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There are a couple that offer distance learning in the UK I found out. I'm not sure if they offer funding though. University of Birmingham, and University of Aberdeen both have distance programs. One of the ladies in the Masters program with me is planning on applying to those as her husband is in the military and they move around a lot, so, she's not able to attend an in-person PhD program. 

The only distance program for PhD I've seen in the states is Liberty, and the professors I've seen talk about that look at it poorly. I don't know if that's just these professors, or if it is a bad program. I've not done the research on it. I wish you luck with your situation!

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On 8/31/2022 at 8:46 AM, dr. telkanuru said:


But, I do know of someone who completed the residency requirement of two years and then relocated. 

I had initially thought I would do the same but I realized it would have really shortchanged my PhD experience.
Also, this is advisor dependent... mine would never have signed off on something like this.

EDIT: I'm in religion... not history

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