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USA Clinical Psychology PhD Applications (2022-2023 App Season)


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Hi friends!

I submitted all of my applications for Clinical Psychology PhD programs before December 1st and wanted to check in to see how other people are feeling about the whole process. I got invited to interview at University of Alabama and am waiting on other responses (also applied to Drexel, Montclair State, UW-Madison, John Jay, Nebraska Lincoln, Texas Tech, Houston, Fordham, and UNC Wilmington). I'm hoping to have a focus on forensics and incarceration wherever I end up.

Also, if stats are important to share, I have a 166V, 165Q, 6.0AW, 3.83 GPA.

Let me know where you are applying, what you want to study, how you are feeling, and any results you are comfortable sharing! This is also my first time posting on GradCafe so if I'm doing anything wrong let me know.

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Hi there! I submitted my apps on November 29 and I'm very anxious waiting to hear back from my schools. I received an invitation to interview at Louisiana State University and got a soft rejection already from a PI at Texas Tech University. I'm super bummed because Texas Tech was in my top 3. I'm waiting to hear back from Florida State, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Columbia - Teacher's College, Fordham, Florida International University, and the Virginia Consortium for Clinical Psychology. 

I want to study suicide prevention and risk assessment, focusing on underserved populations (i.e., BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, esp trans folks) and the impacts of social determinants of mental health on suicide.

Despite my paralyzing anxiety, I'm feeling cautiously hopeful! I received fairly positive responses from most people who replied to my cold emails in the pre-application season. I've applied to my POI's at Notre Dame in my previous applications and I've reached out to them previously. I bugged one of them beginning in the summer and she didn't respond until November, but she responded regardless, which is more than I got previously. Also the other POI at Notre Dame met with me via Zoom for 30 minutes and found that our research interests seem to align perfectly. They both mentioned they "look forward to reading my application," which they could just be saying to everyone they reply to, but I've got a sense they were genuine. Also, at Florida State, I feel hopeful because my current PI has worked with my top POI there and had positive experiences. I've also worked closely with his most recent grad student admit.

Overall, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat. I hate to admit it but I'm obsessively checking the results page on GradCafe. This process requires so much work and money and feels so dehumanizing and discouraging. I would hate to apply for a fourth time. I'm also going through some mind-melting personal issues that pale in comparison, so obsessing over grad school apps almost feel like reprieve from the things I can't control in my personal life.

Just know that however you're feeling, you're not alone! We'll get through this! ❤️ 

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Thank you for starting this! It’s already been a stressful process, so I’m excited to have this thread for the remainder of it :) and congrats to you two on your interviews!

Broadly, I’m interested in intergenerational trauma, substance use during pregnancy, and child development. I applied to UCLA, CU Boulder, U Vermont, U Rhode Island, Boston U, Harvard, Yale, U Conn, U Delaware, UNC Chapel Hill, U Georgia, Emory, U Illinois Chicago (UIC), Depaul, Loyola, Clark, and LIU Brooklyn, and I’ve had preliminary interviews with Vermont and Emory.

I’ve seen a few people post about prelims to UIC— aside from MW, anyone know which PIs have sent out prelim invites?

Best of luck to you all (and happy holidays)!

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Hello! I just wanted to invite everyone on this thread to a discord server that was created for clinical & counseling psych PhD applicants. It's meant to be a space where applicants can find support, get feedback, and help each other navigate the application process. There are also a number of current Clinical Psychology PhD students that are always happy to offer feedback and give advice. Here's the link if you're interested in joining: https://discord.com/servers/clinical-counseling-psych-phd-applicant-hub-840023597229539338

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