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The wait and mental health....opinions?


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On the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program page, it says that applicants will find out if they are invited for an interview mid-late December however the offices were closed from December 23rd-January 2nd. I haven't heard anything yet but I've seen that some people in a different psychology program have received emails inviting for interviews. 


I've got about 7 years experience with intellectual/developmental disabilities. I have a BS in psychology (3.08) with a M. Ed in Foundations of Behavior Analysis (4.0). I don't have extensive research experience but I've worked in psychiatric settings in addition to clinical experience working 1:1 with severe autism. I have previous supervisor recommendation in addition to the diagnostic clinician I worked closely with. My gut is telling me that this would make me a great candidate but it's difficult to continue this confidence as time goes on. I'm not the greatest writer but my statement of purpose was very personal to me and why I am a good fit for this program. My strength is in communication and early intervention for children with autism to which I requested working with a faculty member that specializes in exactly that. 


Maybe I am being too hard on myself. I don't have anyone to relate to about this experience so it's been a bit lonely and overwhelming.

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