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How to address transferring in SOP

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I'm a first year masters student, who is applying to a different program. I am actually pretty happy with my program here, but feel I would be better suited for a PhD elsewhere. How exactly should I address this in my SOP?



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Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm applying to transfer into another masters program (Yale Divinity, MAR), from my current masters program (BC, MTS). I have been told they will want to know why I think transferring is important, ect.

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Well, why do you think transferring is not just important, but necessary?

If you transfer now, that means you're applying to a school with less than 3 full months at your current one. In other words, the program that you applied to and whose offer you accepted, you couldn't even give a full semester's chance? That's going to make you look flaky, and like you weren't really prepared for grad school. Yale Div will be wondering whether you will do the same thing to them. And you might destroy your relationships at your current school in the process.

An MTS from BC is nothing to sniff at. You say you're happy? Get through the two years, then go apply to Yale for the PhD.

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