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Tired of people asking if I got in...in December


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I can completely sympathize with everyone who doesn't have and understanding family. My mom, who means well but is totally self-centered, is set on me going to Brown, because it's only a few hours away. Even though I want to go into Transatlantic studies, she's convinced I should study Native American literature, and that I should change my last name to hers (she kept her maiden name), so that she can see it on publications. YARGH.

Sounds like she should go to grad school herself if she's so passionate about seeing her name published.

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Geographically, I grew up closest to Boston. This has prompted my dad to remind me at least weekly that "it'd really be best if you went to Harvard."

Cheers. I had no idea, pops.

hahaha my father AND uncle tell me the same thing. As if it's this novel concept, and I can just DECIDE to go to Harvard, as in "You know what? I think I'll go to Harvard this year!"

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