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I have read that some PhD programs in Statistics require interviews. What kind of breadth is covered in these interviews?

I am quiet nervous as it has been about 2.5 years since I've taken any upper division math. While I did get good grades, I unfortunately don't use any of the material in my day to day job so unfortunately remember very little of the content of my analysis, linear algebra, math stats classes. Even calc III, I wouldn't feel confident being drilled on questions in an interview the material.

My question is as follows: what would one recommend to review leading up to these interviews? Would it be fair to say that one should master all the content on their CV and SOP before moving to revising math? 

Very nervous/anxious about the prospect of these interviews overall so would appreciate any insight! Thanks so much

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They are not technical interviews - generally, they'll ask you to talk about why you want a PhD in statistics, ask you about your research projects, etc. - you should be able to talk about these things.  You might want to have some questions prepared for them about their program.  Definitely not going to be quizzed on material in your classes, and if you are, I'd take that as a massive red flag of a dysfunctional department.

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