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Good luck everyone!


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Good luck to you too. Here's hoping that this is the week we get good news.

I would say to your questions:

1) No - have it forwarded to your phonesmile.gif

2) Yes - you still have a chance unless and until they tell you that you don't

3) Yes - I'm still dreaming about unis I got rejected from last yearrolleyes.gif

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1.Well, probably I can't stop doing it anyway.

2.I don't know of any way to determine my number on the list... But I don't think that there's big chance that many people will reject their offers.

3.OK, I'll dream until I still have that chance:)

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1. I don't - the weekend is my time to *not* think about emails and be a *semi* normal individual. Of course, it helps that I work all weekend so I don't have much time, either. But try, TRY to make it your down time, if possible. for sanity's sake.

2. of course! you can always dream :) and you're not out of the running yet!

3. im doing that too. im telling myself im on a 'secret waitlist' that they're not telling me about. who knows, maybe there's still hope for us all.

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