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To the NIH Counselor who tried to tell me I wasn't going to get in...


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As an undergraduate at UC Davis I double majored, held down a job and 2 volunteer research positions and probably partied too hard. I graduated with a 3.1 overall GPA. So, with that in mind, I spent 3 years out of school doing research fellowships as a post bacc (one at Stanford and one at NIH). At the beginning of this past year I went to a counselor for the NIH OITE to seek help with my personal statement for Neuroscience programs, and to talk about specific schools; instead of advising me on these issues, she took one look at my GPA, and said "You need to think about doing a post bacc program; no one is going to accept you." I was devastated, and furious at the time; called my mom and told her I wasn't going to apply, and that I felt useless. Then I decided the counselor could go to hell and that I was going to write an awesome personal statement and apply anyway.


Applied: 8

Interviews: 4 (1 coming up 3 done)

Accepted:2 ( 1 of the 3 interviews so far was last week so no word yet)

Rejected outright: 2

Still waiting 2

Not bad for a hopeless case right? I got accepted at my top choice too. I just want everyone to know that it is possible even if some "expert" tries to cut you down.

Anyone else have a similar story to share?

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Your story is great! Thanks for sharing it! You are absolutely right: nay-sayers can be wrong, and they very often are ;)

What a great outcome! Many congratulations to you. It definitely reminds us that there is still hope! :)

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