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To quote team girl squad...ITS OVER!


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I am going to Chicagooooooooooo! My favorite cityyyyyyyyyy!


I am so happppppppppy!!!

Thank god, of course!!

Congrats for all and I wish those who did not get what they wanted, a better luck soon!

-- life is gooooooood!!


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Lol I wish it were over for me. I got an extension from one of the 2 schools I applied to (Yes I know, only 2?! But my field is very limited in the US and I didn't want to go abroad) so I could wait for that second school to give me a decision. Prob is that School A didn't give me any first year funding. *sigh* Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I'm so relieved!

I am so glad to see (and instantly "get") this reference.

I've used the following pic and put it on the last page of my HS students' final exam for years:


A few years ago (like 2008) kids would laugh and get the reference, or leave me little notes next to the pic. That stopped happening a couple years ago. Now I feel just old. rolleyes.gif

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