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HYPS undergrad (Low GPA) Harvard MPA/ID chance

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Hi everyone,

I need a realistic evaluation of my chances at Harvard MPA/ID. It's been my dream since my sophomore year.

Undergrad GPA: 3.63

GRE: 1590 (790V/800Q) AWA isn't out yet

Major: BA History, BA Economics (History Major GPA is high, Econ is low (~3.4),so they cancel each other out)

Experience: reputable think tank in the MidEast, Parliament [intern], Student Monitor for a Ministry, Econ Research, Land Development Consulting - they're all internships.

My math grades are good (A average) but econ not so much. Other than this, I speak 4-5 languages fluently (noted on transcript) and about three more at intermediate/advanced level.

I've studied abroad in Russia (on my own) and France (through univ.).

I'd appreciate any advice and criticism and would like to know what other schools I should look into for international development. I'm primarily interested in the former Soviet Union + Middle East.

P.S. I'm an international student.

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So good GPA, great GRE, lots of languages, and some interesting experience.

Did you really have to come on here to show off?

Don't be a dick. 3.6 is a low GPA for HKS, if you are coming from an academic background (aka didn't start your own non-profit, serve as a deputy finance minister for your country, or any other of the ridiculously accomplished things HKSers do), your stats need to make up for it. They mostly do, you have good experience and great language skills. You are competitive but standard disclaimers about the statistical unlikeliness of getting into any really selective school apply.

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