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Do I have chances of admission in good schools?


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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for some feedback regarding my chances of admission in a good grad school. I want to apply for a Masters degree focusing in Computer Networks which is something offered by Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments. My major concern is my low score on the GRE quantitative section. Below is a list with my main characteristics.

  • GPA: 7.14/10 (Greece - 5 year Engineering degree) ~ 3/10 (US)
  • 25 month military service as an officer
  • co-authored a paper
  • defended a thesis (research project) as a requirement to finish my undergraduate studies
  • GRE: V:630, Q:640, AW:4
  • TOEFL iBT: 109/120
  • Work experience: working at an NGO since Feb 2011 as a programmer
  • I am an international student

Any suggestions of schools I can apply to with good chances of admissions are more than welcome :)

Thnx in advance!

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