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Did I just kiss of death-ed myself?


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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd send out a few emails to a few additional profs in my dream school (I have a few that I've already emailed) asking if they were accepting students. Unfortunately, I send an email with the wrong name (right person and email just wrong salutation). The prof replied back saying that he/she was accepting students and that he/she was glad that I read his/her work but his/her name wasn't XXX (the wrong name I typed out).

I've emailed back an apology but I can't help but wonder if I just doomed my chances at this School?

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I am going to stray out of my lane long enough to say that I think you're still in the running because the POI not only replied but he/she replied favorably.

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I agree. I highly doubt mixing up a name would instantly dismiss your application. I might be more concerned if you emailed too many professors at that school and seemed unfocused (it might be fine, but if they were doing very different things it wouldn't look good).

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