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"Interview via e-mail"?


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This is found all over the results search page, and I am just curious what this entails exactly. I understand how an interview could go in person, or over the phone, but this seems odd. For those of you who have gone through this, how does it work? I mean, is it a series of back-and-forth emails (which seems like slow texting, and not very efficient), or is it that you are sent 3-4 particular questions about your interests and why you fit (which seems like a repeat of your application, and not very efficient)?

I'm obviously jumping the gun here, and hopefully will be in a situation where I have to worry about this, but am curious nonetheless.


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I wouldn't worry about it.

Just follow the e-mail- they'll ask questions and you write back and if they ask if you have any questions, you ask. Just make sure your writing is clear and you have proofread your answers. :)

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