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Wow - your interests are very much like mine! What schools are your top choices?

I'm really leaning toward Stanford right now for pretty much exactly the reasons you posted. But I am still anxiously awaiting Harvard's results...

I applied only to 6 programs (and only 5 of them in the US), so the usual : Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UW-Mad and Oxford. But then, I am a lawyer so it was important to me that the programs had strong education/policy/ law schools. So lets see how it all shapes up.

Also, I am an international student (in some sense) so I only applied to schools that would help with global policy/academic career options.

Anyway - we should probably stop boring the general audience of this "Stanford?" chat and schedule to talk soon - would love to know the stuff you are doing, etc!

Good luck for all your other schools! (How did your FAS interview go?)

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Well, they're certainly keeping me waiting... no word from either Berkeley or Stanford, despite having confirmation that they definitely recieved all my application materials... maybe I'm ending up on a waitlist?

I cannot speak for stanford, but berkeley--there has only been one admit--contacted via personal email from a professor (not dgs).

They usually take around 35-40, so my guess is that they have only just begin notifying, and that one who has heard was contacted by a potential advisor.

Don't fret--I don't think berkeley even does a waitlist.

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Speaking of this year's applicant pool, here's a fun fact. In 2007 and 2008, only one thegradcafe user posted their acceptance on the website. This year it's been six users... I know someone has pointed out before that Stanford has probably accepted more than the 7-8 students they hope to enroll, BUT I wouldn't assume they are taking a lot of chances. I don't think a small grad school can use "yield" in the same way an undergrad institution does. It's one thing to be doling out thousands of acceptances, case in which you can be sure that some people will almost certainly say no, and a completely different situation when you only have a couple of spots you can afford paying for in the program. Something tells me that they were probably prudent and did not accept more than 9 or at most 10 students. So we're looking at anywhere from 60-75% of people accepted into Stanford using this website for this admissions cycle. Pretty neat. But what happened this year? (Or is it just chance?)

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Dear forum members,

I plan to apply to Stanford sociology later this year. For those who got in this year, do you mind revealing your GRE scores just so that I can get a rough idea of the mean? I know it's not the deciding factor, but it's good to have a target to try and hit when I take the GRE later.


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