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In line with the drop a word, keep a word game going on in "Waiting it Out", here's are the rules to this game: Each person writes 1 sentence at a time, continuing the previous sentence to create a crazy and imaginative story over time.

For example:

Person A: There once was a little bookstore on the corner of Johnson and Bentley.

Person B: Little did people know that it housed an underground cult.

Person C: The cult was secretly plotting to help relieve the world of stressed out grad school applicants by granting them admission, and soon!!!

And you get the picture.

Here's the first sentence:

Every single day of his life, the sun rose and set without much ado, marking just another mundane day in his oh-so-very mundane life.

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Immediately, a rusty axe hurtled through the air towards him, but he swiftly avoided it, his embedded Jungian collective-subconscious-derived ninja instincts seizing control over his fast-twitch muscles.

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As his sweaty palms reached for the deadly weapon, he was reminded of all that was at stake: if he couldn't walk away victoriously from Round One, his future would seem terribly bleak indeed.

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He pondered & reflected why the arc had been thrown in the fashion that it had; what was the background of the thrower; what were the aims of the thrower; and what was the importance of completing level one.

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