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  1. kazoo


    thanks greeneggsntofu! that would be great. we should all just send you our emails by message (or alternatively, use facebook)
  2. kazoo


    I loved the new building. The studios were either private or semi private and spacious (by city standard).The grads I talked to were really friendly and creating interesting work. They seemed to like living in philly and taking part of the opportunities that are present there. All in all, I loved my visit, there seemed to be a good sense of community. I talked to one of the theory professors and it was my impression that the faculty takes care of their grads and are super available. You can easily take classes in other disciplines at Temple if you wish. They take weekly trips to new york in on
  3. kazoo


    Congrats on being accepted caus! did you get to visit the school so far? In my case, talking to current grads and professors was really great. Glad to hear you found a job post graduation! We should totally organize a gradcafe philly night out in september. where do you recommend as affordable but nice/fun/young/relatively safe living? northern liberties? center city?
  4. kazoo


    Hi future students of Tyler, Penn and PAFA! It would be great to connect with some of you as we prepare to take over philly! What neighborhood is everyone thinking of living in? Are you guys bringing your car? When are you planning to move? any tips/thoughts/excitement/anxiety about the city? happy tuesday!
  5. oh and thanks for the amazing support everyone!
  6. Congrats on making the decision! I will be seeing you next year!!
  7. Thanks for the support guys *I got into Tyler !!!!* so so happy!!!
  8. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm bummed I havent hear from tyler, and am worried about what that means. Looks like im destined for some more waiting. TryIng to stay positive, but its hard
  9. Im so sorry Eshaton! Hang in there, i hope it works out for you
  10. kazoo

    MFA 2012 Decisions!!

    congrats on the decision zecchi!
  11. Update from Tyler (Painting): they are expecting to be done with the process by next week.
  12. I got the same email! Silly to get this at this point, especially since in my case transcript they are missing doesnt exist. Do they need these things to reject us?
  13. So tough. Hope the odds are good for you nfrog!
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