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Some future notification times, in case you're interested!

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I know we all navigate the Results boards like pros, and have charts and graphs (in our heads if not on paper) of when our schools will likely notify us of decisions...

However, I went ahead and emailed some of the schools I'm applying to. Here's what I found out, hope it's helpful! Feel free to add more if you know of more ETAs of schools! (Sidenote: the graduate admissions staff were all very friendly and helpful. It was nice to actually have contact with someone and remember they're not [all] soulless robots.)

University of Michigan (English and Women's Studies joint PhD - assuming English is similar)

"Decisions are still being made, and no notifications have gone out yet. We expect to have decisions and to notify students by next week." (received 2/8)

Brown University, English PhD

"Thank you for your message. We expect admissions notifications to go out later this month and certainly no later than March 15. Applicants will receive email notification from the Graduate School informing them that a decision has been made and is available to view via the Embark online application system." (received 2/8)

Rutgers University, English PhD

]"We will begin making offers after February 17th." (received 2/9)

(After the 17th is Presidents Day weekend, so I'm not sure whether they'll be notifying over the weekend or the next week...going to try not to obsess about that!)

University of Illinois, MA-PHD track, English

They said in their confirmation email that it would be early March, so I didn't bother them again :)

University of Missouri, Columbia, English PhD

They also gave a date in their confirmation email which I'm REALLY hoping is way later than they will actually notify - on or before March 31 (yikes that's late).

OKay so again - feel free to add if you know more! I find this information useful and anxiety-lessening. :) Best wishes to everyone!

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Indeed it does - the MA/PhD track anyway. I don't know if I can wait that long! :/

Here's Princeton, who just got back to me today:

All applications are under department review and you will be notified of their admission decision by email by March 15, 2012.

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Thank you for sharing your research, Katy85. Nice to have some firm(er) ideas on when we can expect news.

No problem! I figured we should all share in the slight comfort of knowing more details :)

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