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How about the chemistry in Carnegie Mellon


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I guess it is a wonderful university but it is not famous in chemistry. I just got an offer from them with TA stipend. My major research interest involves polymer chemistry and polymer materials. So is CMU a good place for chemistry PhD? I also got an offer from U Tennessee while I guess CMU should be much better in all aspects. Thank you guys. I am eager to all information and comments since I am an international student who cannot pay a visit to my future schools.

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I don't know anything about U Tennessee, but I can tell you that while CMU is a fine school in general, it is not even viewed as being the best chemistry school in Pittsburgh (that distinction would go to U Pitt). That said, I visited both Pitt and CMU, and I can tell you that I got much better vibes at CMU, they really seem to care about their students there, while Pitt came across as somewhat more removed. In any event, CMU is hardly a bad school in the sciences, so if you do well there I think it should open plenty of doors.

If you're interested in polymers, I think the big name there is Tomek Kowalewski, http://www.chem.cmu.edu/groups/kowalewski/, check out his website and see if it's up your alley.

PM me if you need more info.

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