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reputation point count on individual posts seems to have been reset, although it accurately remembers which one's I've already voted upon (and my reputation point total hasn't changed).

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Ditto this. There is no "results" tab up top where there usually is. At least not in this thread.

Added the button back, my mistake.

When I check "My Content," it says There is no information to show. Dunno if it's just me. :)

ALSO! The search function seems to have broken. I tried searching for something and found no results, and I didn't believe it so I searched "school" and, likewise, no results came up!

This two problems are related and were due to a bug in 3.3.0 of the software. I've applied a manual fix. Search and my content should work again now.

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+1 and -1 votes on individual posts have disappeared - that is, posts all appear to have 0 votes, including ones I remember used to have more.


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