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Chances of getting into Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Caltech, Harvard, Columbia, etc.


Chances of getting into MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia, or Harvard for CS PhD  

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  1. 1. What are my chances of getting into MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia, or Harvard for CS PhD?

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I'm wondering if I have a shot at CS PhD programs at any of the above schools?

GPA: 3.66, double major at Vanderbilt in CS and math

CS GPA: 3.94

GPA last two years: 3.89 (did degree program in 3 years)

GRE(assumed--need to take): 166 verbal, 166-170 quant, 5.5 writing

Have previous degree from liberal arts college in art

Have written ACT math questions for a textbook in all major bookstores

Taught SAT classes in Thailand and in US

Found mistake in national standardized test in high school

Did internships at Harvard, MIT, NASA (all were in astro/aero, but I did CS work)

(also admitted to internships at Princeton, Stanford, Caltech, Harvard--in CS)

Published papers in philosophy, biology, physics, (might get an aerospace engineering pub by the fall)

Run marathons

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This isn't a beauty contest; what do you actually want to do that isn't the fanciful ravings of a poet?



What if he wants to contribute knowledge through a poetry beauty contest

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I am in my first year of a STEM field PhD program at Berkeley. Everything is really dependent on three primary factors: 1) research experience, 2) fit with PI, and 3) available funding. We can't give you a statistic really.....

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