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Is anyone here applying to educational psych programs? 

If so, did you hear back from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (education & psychology) or Wisconsin-Madison yet? There doesn't seem to be any posts in the results search yet, but interviews should be coming up soon or already done...

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Simbacat - I applied to the University of Michigan education and psychology program also, but haven't heard anything yet. I know you posted this about a week ago - have you heard anything from them since then? I'm going crazy over here!

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I applied to UT-Austin. Based on the website, I don't think they conduct interviews. I believe the website also said that decisions will be sent around April 1. Is this common?

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Hello, all, I have a couple questions about ed. psych


  • What are the job prospects looking like?
  • Can you get a job with only an M.Ed or do you need to get the Ph.D/Ed.D?
  • What are some places to work other than K-12 and teaching college?
  • What does a school psychologist's day look like?
  • Does it matter what school one goes to/Is the University of Georgia good enough?
  • Is it worth going into debt for?
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