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Please HELP --> Masters decision


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I am in last year of Bachelors of Arts, and majoring in Political Science in Uni of Waterloo (Canada)


I want to become a diplomat in the long run but i don't know if i should apply? and where...


My stats -- 3.4 (75%) cGPA ..... 3.7 (82%) GPA last 2 years of Undergrad. Fluent in 5 languages.... not too much on extracarricular activities...


I want to apply to either Canadian International Relations School (Munk or NPSIA) OR American (SIPA or any other)... but i have heard Schools need you to have working experience, is that true? How competitive are my marks for those schools?


If my marks are not too competitive, what kind of work or activitiy abroad i can do to make up for my marks? What kind of jobs and where do i apply?


Please help with anything i may be missing!

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this is most likely the worst and least helpful forum on internet, waste of internet space... no one helps or replies.


That's a great strategy for getting help on an internet forum, belittling the forum members?!?  I myself have found this forum extremely helpful but I try to be very appreciative of the fact that no one is obligated to answer my questions and that they do so on their own free time...

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I'm not familiar with your desired academic field, but check in the "Forums" tab to see if there is a specific subject area that might have a better group of forum participants who know your area.  Best of luck to you!  

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