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calling POIs after interview weekend?


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Hi Guys, I just came back from an interview weekend. Can't say much about how it went, it felt like speed dating for 2 hours with 4 POIs. By the end of the interviews two of them said I should call them and ask any question if I have any.

I am just wondering if I really need to call them and follow up on the admissions, because in the interviews we only talked about research and nothing else. And I know I need to make appointment about calling them, so it is quite awkward for me now.

thank you guys!!!

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You don't need to call them, they just said that in case you happen to think of any questions once the interview was over.  I guess, think of it more like, you are welcome to call them if you have any questions.  I agree, speed dating for several hours was pretty much how mine felt too!  Now, it is recommended that you send them a thank you email.  I try to personalize mine a little for each of the profs I met with (mention something we discussed or whatever).  But as far as your actual question, if you think of a question you wished you would have asked then you could call them, but if not don't worry about it.  Not calling them will not make or break your chances of an acceptance.

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