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  1. post-interview waiting time line

    I'm not sure. My guess is applicants got wait listed either after I got my acceptance or at the same time.
  2. post-interview waiting time line

    In my experience, they usually know within a week or two. However, one of my schools last year took a little more than a month to tell me (and I've been told I was my POI's first choice).
  3. Residency Requirement – Ph.D Students

    Like others have mentioned residency in this case most likely refers to full-time on-campus work. For my university, we need to complete a certain amount of coursework (measured in credit hours) during 3 consecutive semesters in order to meet the doctoral residency requirement. However, the way my specific program is structured I'll be a full-time on-campus graduate student every semester until I graduate.
  4. Social Psychology Fall 2014 Applicants

    Like DarwinAG, I'm also a first year social psychology grad student so feel free to contact me as well. Best of luck everyone!
  5. Apparently it was a good sign, I got an acceptance letter from this school yesterday!
  6. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    One Fish
  7. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Lite Blue
  8. I contacted the majority of my schools (departments) last year. Most of them didn't reply, but a few did. Of the ones that did, I believe one gave me a run of the mill response (your application was competitive but we had an overwhelming number of competitive applications, better luck next year), and the others gave me detailed information. One went as far as to mention other schools that I might want to consider when I reapply, in addition to that school, based on my research interests. Another basically broke down my application to all the different factors (GPA, GRE, etc.) and gave me very detailed information about where I stood with the other applicants and where she thought I could possibly improve. I was really grateful for this information because there really wasn't anything substantially wrong with my application and she saw that and really tried to help give me ideas for improvement. It really just depends on the school and the person in charge of answering these emails. In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to ask.
  9. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Digital scale
  10. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Dark knight
  11. Anyone else losing their damn mind?

    This particular program told me to wait 2-3 weeks. I was just about to contact them at the end of week 4 and that was when my POI emailed me. Like I said, it's entirely possible that they haven't made decisions yet, and if that is the case then I will be relieved (again) to hear that no news is fine, but if they have made a decision I just want to know. Unfortunately, I think this school is probably my best shot at an acceptance which is why I'm nervous to find out, but the anxiety I've been feeling especially this past week isn't good for me either. Besides it could end up being positive. Best of luck with your program!
  12. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    wine cask
  13. Anyone else losing their damn mind?

    The display on my treadmill is broken so I use the timer on my smart phone when I go running. Yesterday, mid-run I get a call from an unfamiliar area code. I dismiss it at first as spam, but then see that the caller left me a voice-mail so think that it might actually be important. Now I know that if I listen to the voicemail, the timer will stop, and I'm right now working on building up on running distance so I didn't want to stop running. But of course, that meant that for the rest of my run I'm trying to guess which school called me. I finally think I figured out which school called me (I have most of the possible area codes memorized), and finally finish my run and listen to my voice-mail. There is no message, just two random bouts of static. Turns out the call came from a state nowhere near any of my schools, probably spam. Grrr. I guess the thing that is really driving me crazy though is I interviewed at one of my schools 5 weeks ago and there is still no official news. My POI told me about a week ago (4 weeks from my interview day) that they still hadn't made decisions, so I was hoping for something in the past week. Nothing. And no one has posted anything on the results page so it's possible they still haven't made decisions. I keep going back and forth about emailing the Admissions Chair but I think I finally am going to email him Monday, I'm hesitant to in case it is a rejection, but I really just want to know at this point.