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How Long Does it Take to Receive the Official Offer after the Department's Recommendation


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I've been notified more than a week ago by the department that I was recommended for admission, and until now I didn't receive the official offer. 


I'm wondering how long does it take to receive the official admission offer?

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I was glad to know early on that I would likely be admitted, but I couldn't get excited or tell everyone just in case the decision fell through. It's a different kind of waiting. At least you got a time frame, I was just told I would be hearing from the Graduate School "soon". My idea of soon is 3-4 days, theirs was more like 29 :wacko:

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I'm thinking a few weeks. I got a phone call from one department saying I was accepted but needed to wait for official letter. They asked I not disclose the call or information to other students applying or anyone who might speak with them because it was early in the process.

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