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help... slipping into rut of procrastination!


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I just can't face my work right now, and i have a funding deadline in 15 days.

I recently switched topics, new topic is interesting and i have ideas, but i am just paralzed by something, i honestly don't what is wrong with me

3.5 hours yesterday and ZERO today,

and i actually barely have enough time to do what i need to do in the first place

i think it may be partly overwhelmed by what i have to do, and partly just so afraid of not getting funding- its just depressing thinking about it

have been craving food-- just ate 2 dinners- have pain in tummy now, and just feel like i can't sbap out of this negative type of rut

help me please- advice to get passed this

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Don't think about it all at once or it will feel and seem overwhelming.

Divide it up into little bite-sized tasks and write them in a list. Depending on how paralyzed/overwhelmed you feel, start with tiny tasks no bigger than 15-30 minutes (maybe writing a couple of sentence outlines, or writing the titles you need in one task and then each section would be its own task). Face each task one at a time and don't think about the rest of them. Just finish the small one, and once you're done see if you can do the next one.


What's also helpful is instead of trying to schedule work-time, schedule the breaks (like every hour, break for 10-15 minutes). I find it makes it easier to focus on work when you know a break is coming up.

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I address big overwhelming projects by breaking it up. Open a blank document and then look at what your application requires, and first create sections that you need to cover. Then, under each section, list the required points that you have to address, and then the points that you would like to address. Often, this means breaking the sections up into subsections. Then take a break.


Once you go back, look at each subsection, and little bullet points/sentences that you want to include in the section. Once you've done a few, take a break and go back. Once you have all your sections and sub sections done, with all the bullet points, you'll notice that you have a lot filled in, and now it's just reworking it into writing. This takes away the fear of sitting in front of a blank page and producing a full document.


To combat your entire workload, make 'task' lists. One should cover EVERYTHING you need to get done, and then one should cover what you'll get done in a day. This helps you check off things, but not lose sight of what needs to be done in the long rum.


Also, and most important, take time away from work and relax. It's easier said than done, but it's important- you need to recharge your battery!

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