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Did anyone apply to Ohio State (Columbus) for Stats?


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What's up guys. I applied to OSU's masters program in statistics late January. Did anyone else? If so, share stats.


3.2ish gpa in BA (Mathematics)

730 Quant/530 Verbal/3.5

Iraq veteran; former highschool math teacher, mailman, data analyst for state government.


Did anyone else not include the official reference letter form with their application? I had it for 1 letter and it was missing for the other two. The lady I spoke with in the stat office said they can accept them at their discretion. At the online application site it says "No reference form" next to my recommenders' name. I did not get the form because I already had the letters on hand and it had been a while since I contacted the professors. I hope they(OSU stat dept) do not think less of me.


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I was just there last weekend for the Graduate Information Day and there were both PhD and Master's students there. I would say that you are probably waitlisted if you haven't heard by now.



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Hi Choctick,

I sent my rec letters via postal mail. Two were received, one was lost. Lisa contacted me asking for it - I asked my rec letter provider to re-send the letter via email and re-mail the form via postal mail. I also asked another person to do the same thing just in case. The next day my app showed "Letter received, waiting for form in postal mail" - somewhere along those lines.


And my guess would be the same as others, that you are waitlisted.

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Mine still says "In Review". My application did not go complete until late January 2013. I assume most of those people invited to the orientation week had their applications completed by Nov or early Dec.

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