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PhD admissions: still waiting?


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Other than CMU, I have not received a response from other schools. From my list, UCR and SFU have not had much activity (UCR sent out their fellowship admits, and SFU: ? ), USC and RPI I am writing off (lower priority anyway). 


Are others still waiting on schools which haven't had much activity in the admission results? 

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Has UCSD responded to anyone? I have sent an email about admissions and all I got was 

"Dear Fall 2013 Applicant blah blah blah....... Due to the large volume of inquiries, questions will be answered in the order received.

Information already addressed in this automated response and the web page will not be answered."

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I've not received any response although I did send them a message last week saying that I'd heard back from nearly all of my other universities and asking when they would let me know. Two days later, I got my admissions decision. Possibly just a coincidence but that might suggest someone is reading your messages!

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