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What are some good psychology schools outside the U.S.?


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If you are interested in Canada at all look into U of British Columbia, U of Toronto, and McGill.


I also know there's a lot of good schools for psychology in Oceania, though I don't know much about individual programs so I can't drop names.

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Canada consider university of british columbia, university of toronto, mcgill university.  Though that said the provincial schools in canada are all pretty solid.  The amount of quality variance you find in usa schools is significantly less than canadian schools. 


Of course you could go else where as well, but it will largely depend on your preferences.  Places to consider though, Notre Dame, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh all have solid psych programs.

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^^ This.


A recent PSPB ranked North American social psychology programs by research impact. The best Canadian schools were: Toronto (#8), Waterloo (16), UBC (22), York (37), and Western (40). Toronto has really bulked up its social neuroscience faculty lately, they're top rate (Wil Cunningham, Michael Inzlicht, Nick Rule, Liz Page-Gould, Jason Plaks). You'd be hard-pressed to find a better group in one place.

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