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First publication, political theory

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Hi all!


I have a question to people in political theory (or poli sci in general) who have already published something.


I have just finished my master's, and am applying to phd this year. I've applied last year, while still doing my master's, and it did not turn well for me. A couple of interviews, a couple of wait lists and a funded place in a different master program – that's all I was able to get at this point. This year I really want to do everything to improve my chances.

As I have some (presumably) decent material written in the course of my master's, I've been advised to go ahead and try to publish it. 


My question is: can anyone recommend me any journals to look at—the ones that would be good for a first publication? Where do people go when they publish for the first time (I assume they don't go straight to Political Theory or Constellations?)




P.S. I've been on this forum for half a year, and I've just noticed that I had misspelled "Rawls". Shame on me.

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